December 8, 2023

Hair fall prevention and treatment Home Remedies

Hair fall problem has become a common problem. It is very important to treat it as soon as possible. Nowadays the lifestyle and food habits of people have become so bad that it directly affects the hair. Due to pollution from above and the chemicals of hair products also affect the hair, which later becomes the cause of hair loss. You guys can try home remedies for hair fall related problem. Some people get so upset that all their hair falls out and they become a victim of baldness. Hair fall can be due to many reasons, here in this article we will tell what is hair fall, what are the reasons for this problem, what is its treatment (Hair fall treatment in Hindi, Hair Fall solution in Hindi) and for what. How to Stop Hair Fall?

hair fall

Hair Fall Reason and Causes

  • Hair loss is a common process after two or three months of prolonged illness or major surgery, severe infection or infection, and physical stress.
  • It can also happen after a sudden change in hormone levels, especially in women after giving birth to a baby. Due to side effects of medicines.
  • Hair loss can also occur as a symptom of some disease such as thyroid, imbalance in sex hormones or serious nutritional problem especially deficiency of protein, zinc, biotin.
  • If the scalp gets infected with fungus, then the hair falls in between. Hereditary baldness or if someone in the lineage is bald, it can be inherited.
  • This deficiency occurs when there is a lot of bleeding in the menstrual cycle in women who abstain from food and drink.

Apart from this, according to modern science, these reasons can also be due to hair loss

  • fungal infection
  • psychological stress
  • Vitamin A overdose
  • chemotherapy
  • regular use of steroids
  • heredity

Ways to stop hair fall

So far we have talked about why hair falls but how to stop them from falling (hair fall control), there should be information about it. For example, instead of consuming junk food, eat more fruits and vegetables. To avoid the problem of hair fall, it is also necessary to adopt a good lifestyle along with food and drink. The problem of hair loss can be prevented by reducing stress, taking proper diet, adopting proper hair grooming techniques and if possible using anti-hair fall medicines. Some cases of hereditary baldness can be prevented with the help of medicines. Due to excessive stress, hair fall occurs due to living in a polluted environment. Waking up in the night, working excessively and using shampoo containing chemical products to wash the hair are all factors in hair fall. For this, include Pranayama and Yogasanas in your lifestyle. By doing yoga asanas and pranayama, the stress level is reduced and hair fall is reduced. Use more and more seasonal fruits in food, eat green leafy vegetables, sprouted grains and dry fruits. By taking a balanced diet, there is no deficiency of nutrients, which comes in the main causes of hair loss.

Home Remedies for Hair Fall Control

  • Take any natural oil like olive oil, coconut oil or canola oil. Warm it lightly and massage your scalp with this oil daily. After the massage, put on a shower cap on the head and wash it off with shampoo after about an hour. As a remedy to prevent hair fall, treating with oil (hair fall control) is very beneficial.
  • Head massage should be done for a few minutes every day, it helps in accelerating the blood flow to the head as well as the hair follicles are also active. Hair fall can be stopped if the scalp is massaged properly. Almond oil is also very useful in preventing hair fall
  • According to experts, if your hair is falling due to being dry and lifeless, then massage the scalp with almond oil. It removes dryness of hair and reduces hair fall.
  • Aloe Vera Gel: Both Aloe Vera and Aloe Vera Gel are very beneficial for our health. If you apply aloe vera gel twice a week, it can be extremely beneficial for your hair. For this, cutting the leaves of aloe vera and applying its gel to the hair, along with itching of the scalp, also helps in hair regrowth. For this, leave the aloe vera gel on your hair for a few hours and wash the hair with lukewarm water.

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